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See what our clients are saying:



"The staff at Oak Tree Animal Rehab are wonderful -- skillful, experienced, compassionate, and thorough in their supportive, therapeutic and palliative care for their patients.  They helped my cat Winnie throughout a difficult time when she had lost hindquarter mobility, offering her gentle treatment that supported her recovery of mobility and gave her weekly interactions that raised her spirits and mine.  Winnie seemed to enjoy and benefit from the acupuncture and laser therapy, and to appreciate the kind attention that Barb, Dr. Blair, and colleagues gave to her during each visit.  My cat Benny now benefits from rehab visits for joint and arthritis care, and as a supportive component of a senior weight management program.  I'm grateful that Oak Tree Animal Rehab is in our community, offering state-of-the-art and compassionate care for our animals and education for caretakers."

-Kirk E.


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"Oak Tree has been wonderfully supportive of our elder dog's condition. He is a 12.5 year old GSD with wobbly back legs. He was going downhill dramatically, but Oak Tree therapy done weekly has helped him stay limber and active. He is having a much better end of life because of Oak Tree. The curve is still downward, but now it is not so precipitous."

-Tabatha Y.


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“I have a 11 year old very spoiled Bulldog, "Spencer" who suffers from arthritis. Oak Tree has helped Spencer with his pain and mobility. The staff are very compassionate and treat Spencer like the king he thinks he is. He looks forward to his treatments and loves Emily.” 

- Cheryl P.


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My girl Jadi has DM which is fatal spinal disease similar to ALS in people.  She started showing symptoms around January 2020 right before the covid pandemic was declared. Initial DM symptoms are very subtle but can rapidly deteriorate without a proper course of treatment designed to delay progression of the disease.  Many dogs do not even last 6 months to a year before the disease progresses to a point that the dog needs to be euthanized.

That being said we are closing in on year three of Jadi’s initial DM symptoms. She is not doing great but she is still with me and happy.  I owe much that to the Oak Tree Rehab doctors and technicians.  Pretty much everything got delayed due to covid, but I was fortunate to receive a referral to Oak Tree Rehab in October of 2020.  Jadi started intensive therapy to include laser therapy, acupuncture, underwater treadmill, PEMF, and a variety of supplements/herbs.  The care, professionalism, and dedication of all the staff is outstanding and I doubt Jadi would still be with me if not for them.”

- Janet B.


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“We have nothing but wonderful things to say about the facility and staff at Oak Tree Animal Rehab. We brought our 3 year old Dutch Shepherd in for a consultation after 3 knee surgeries (2 TPLO and 1 meniscus). We were almost in tears after our consultation. We didn't realize how poorly our sweet pup was doing, but the Oak Tree team assured us we were in good hands, and that they could help her. From the first day she started, we saw a noticeable improvement in her mobility, her muscle mass, and her confidence. After a few months working with the team, we are happy to report our adventure loving pup is back on the trails hiking and chasing squirrels. They treated her as if she was their own dog - clearly because she couldn't wait to go in once we pulled up. To anyone but maybe the experts at Oak Tree, you would never know that she had undergone 3 major leg surgeries in the past year. I didn't think it would be possible for her to return to her pre-injury life. My only wish was that we started sooner, possibly preventing the two latter surgeries.”

- Cassie M.


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“We LOVE Oak Tree Animal Rehab! After my 1yo golden retriever was seen by two different Vets that insisted he needed surgery asap for his hip dysplasia, the Doctors here gave another option that didn't go straight to the knife. Our dog bounds out of the car, tail-wagging for his bi-weekly physical therapy appointments that keeps his hips in check, and surgery is off the table until they say otherwise.  We feel we are in great hands, and our dog comes out of each session refreshed, happy, and a bit tired (in a good way)! We highly recommend.”

- Julie A.